Director: Kristian Moe

Kristian is reclusive about his personal life. Suffice it to say that he is film minded and stoic in his pursuit of the right story for our time. His new project will premiere in early 2018.

Writer: Espen Aukan

Espen translates life into words into scenes. It takes its toll on the psyche but fills the heart. He wrote Wettlaufers Widow in 2001.

Make-up artist: Gudmund Saksvik

Gudmund is a self taught make-up and effects wizard. See how his work works in Dead Snow (2009), Future Wars (2004) and The Drunken Jedi Master (2011).

Cinematographer: Thomas Søbstad

Since Wettlaufers Widow Thomas Søbstad has turned his creative eye to NRK where he works as a photographer and editor.

Producer: Frode Dreier

Tom Hanks once described Frode as “The biggest asshole I’ve ever met”. Since 2001 Frode has worked as a live-television camera-operator in Trondheim, shot a number of concert/music-films, and most notably shot and produced several films for and about the band Motorpsycho.

Producer: Marius Øfsti

Marius is currently pursuing an academic career. He has produced music videos and written and co-produced En øy i Oslo (An Oslo Island) a documentary about Oslo’s Øyafestivalen.

Executive Producer: Ulf Tønder Flittig

Ulf takes all the material from a TV/film production and makes television and films out of it. Wettlaufers Widow is his executive producer debut.

After Wettlaufers Widow Ulf spiralled into the world of the mind, chasing one form of enlightenment after another. The end will justify the means!

Sound editors Andreas Revheim, Peder Lindvær Hammersborg, Adam Andersson

The soundscape in all its gore and tactile intensity, pulsed from the cerebral vortex of Andreas Revheim. Along with Peder Lindvær Hammersborg, Adam Andersson and a choir of gargoyles they obsessed on rending the fabric of the soul.